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Approximately, 53 residents and 20 Fellows of different specialty are trained in Masih Daneshvari Hospital. (Table No.1)
A resident is a doctor who has graduated medical school and is now training in a medical specialty area.
Doctors spend about 4 years in residency training before taking examinations to receive board certification in their specialty. Residents can care for patients in a teaching hospital, but they are supervised by attending physicians who must approve their decisions.
During the time of residency training, residents have many professional responsibilities including but not limited to the clinical care of patients, improving their own educational preparation, and teaching those with whom they work.
A fellow has completed medical school and residency training, and is getting additional training in a particular subspecialty, such as heart surgery or kidney problems.

Table No. 1 The number of residents and fellows in Masih Daneshvari Hospital in 2014

Doctor's specialties Number of Doctors per Month
Internal Medicine Resident 18 Residents
Infectious Disease Resident 3 Residents
Radiology Resident 7 Resedents
Pathology Resident 5 Residents
Surgery Resident 2 Residents
Anesthesiologist Resident 4 Residents
Pediatrics Resident 3 Residents
ENT Resident 6 Residents
Forensic Medicine Resident 2 Residents
Lung Diseases Fellow 8 Fellow
Children's Lung Diseases Fellow 2 Fellows
Allergy and Immunology Fellow 2 Fellows
Surgery Fellow 2 Fellows
Rhinology Fellow 1 Fellow
Critical Care Fellow 5 Fellows